Chem Wash Laundry Detergent


Chem Wash is a non-phosphate liquid detergent for washing both synthetic and natural fabrics with effective cleaning action at cold and hot water temperatures. Improved wetting properties allows deep cleaning penetration of fabric and excellent results after each use. Optical brighteners enhance the appearance of whites and colours which does not affect alkaline sensitive dyes commonly found in drapes, bedspreads and clothing. Chem Wash has a neutral pH and thus does not require a sour in the final rinse. When used as a pre-spotter or pre-soaker, this product removes the most difficult stains from fabrics such as table linen, bedspreads, uniforms, shirt collars and cuffs. Chem Wash can be used in liquid laundry dispensing systems. Consult your Chem Clean Specialist for specific use directions.

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